Established Property InvestmentThere are a number of solutions for buying investment property to build wealth and increase passive income. Purchasing established properties is traditionally the most common that most property investors are accustomed to.

Established properties can include freestanding houses, apartments, units or townhouses which have been previously lived in, as opposed to being brand new. They can be acquired, have value added and be resold quickly or make up a part of a long term property within a portfolio.

One of the main advantages of buying established investment property is being able to use the vendor’s motivation to negotiate a great discount. Though there are many other benefits of this type of investment also, including often being already occupied and producing rental income from day one.

From initial Research, through to settlement we help coordinate the entire process for you, eliminating stress, avoiding pitfalls and leaving you free to make the best use of your time.



Finding the right home for clients involves two key skills: knowing people and knowing property. We take the time to establish exactly what sort of property you’re looking for. From your criteria and our insights, we shortlist property that you will be genuinely interested in.

  • Eliminate time-consuming fruitless property searches
  • Cut through the marketing-speak of residential real selling agents
  • Access property before it’s released to market. Discover a hidden network of properties for sale. In addition to traditional estate agents listing property for sale, we often have access to ‘silent listings’ (where vendors need to sell quickly and don’t have a budget for an advertising campaign)
  • Gain access to recent market data to identify great value


Negotiation and Bidding

Whether you’ve found your own property or used our research services, we can manage the negotiation for you, directly with an agent or owner or by bidding for you at an auction.

This can be a highly emotional and vulnerable time for a buyer. We handle it with the calm authority that comes from years of experience in real estate, saving our clients thousands of dollars. 


Organisation and Liaison

We can organise building, pest and strata inspections with companies we trust to do thorough work. We will liaise with solicitors, builders, architects, and valuers to ensure a speedy identification and resolution to any issues that might arise.

  • Property inspections
  • Market analysis
  • Rent/return evaluations
  • Strata reports
  • Liaison with solicitors, valuers, building inspectors
  • Negotiating the best price, terms and conditions


Search Find Invests’ Property Investment Strategists can help you evaluate these opportunities in all the above methods, and make sure they are a good fit for your portfolio or SMSF strategy.

You can choose to have us handle the entire process for you, or simply the sections you need help with. Our Buyers Agent services will always be adapted to your requirements.


  • Develop your plan for your most effective property investment strategy
  • Search - Locally and Nationally, in a range of property markets, narrowing down to your most ideal properties in Australia’s blue chip locations as well as the up-and-coming hotspots
  • Find - Present a range of properties that fit your plan and search criteria. We help you make informed decisions, based on in-depth research of the property and the location
  • Invest - Negotiate exclusive discounts with builders and developers using our group buying power

House for Sale Strategy

  • Offer expert advice on adding value and creating capital growth with existing properties
  • Turn current negatively-geared properties in your portfolio and make them cash flow positive
  • Design a Risk Management Plan for you and for your portfolio, to safeguard against interest rates rises, or loss of income, and other personal risk events
  • Regular review of your portfolio to maintain optimum growth and protection

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