One of the biggest investments people generally make is the purchase of their own home.

Buyers Agent AustraliaWhen you are spending many hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes millions, it is critical to ensure you don’t overpay, even by a few percent.

This will cost you;

  • Lost Capital Growth
  • Extra interest from higher loan repayments
  • Lost opportunities to invest, from being unable to leverage off equity you don’t have


The most frequent comments from our most recent clients on why they decided to use our Home Buyer service were;

  • They were tired of missing out on properties that seemed to sell as soon as they hit the market (sometimes for less than they would have paid!)
  • They were already very busy with their work and other commitments, and didn’t have the hours of time to carry out all the searches, inspections, and follow up required
  • They were frustrated with selling agents ‘bidding guides’ and just wanted to know how much each property was REALLY worth
  • They had not bought any property recently, and were unfamiliar with the whole process, and how to make it work in their favour
  • They couldn’t find what they were looking for, within their budget
  • They were not sure how to negotiate, and wanted a Real Estate Professional that bought property for a living, to help this part for them
  • They were tired of having their offers rejected, and they didn’t know how to present an offer that the owner would accept
  • They found Auctions daunting, and were not sure how to secure a property without paying too much
  • Selling agents were hard to deal with, didn’t get back to them, misguided them on prices and were only on the seller’s side
  • Looking for property was a lot more stressful and time consuming than they thought
  • They didn’t want to make a poor purchase that they would later regret
  • They wanted to have a Property professional with inside knowledge, working on THEIR side, giving them personal advice they could trust

If any of the above sound familiar, then why not have an experienced and fully licenced, Real Estate Buyers Agent working on YOUR side.


We can help with as little, or as much as you need to secure the best property available, at the best possible price. This can literally save you tens of thousands of dollars, valuable time and stress!

We can find properties that fit your requirements that are not even on the market yet, through our network of selling agents, or get you access to properties before the rest of the crowd. This will give you a distinct advantage, and allow you to make the best decision without the time pressure usually involved.

Once your property has been found, and we decide it is within your budget, we can bring speed to the whole process, to make sure you secure it before other interested parties beat you to it. We will do the running around, liaising with conveyancers, lenders, inspectors to ensure you don’t buy a property hidden with problems that will be very costly to repair.

Here is what some recent clients had to say, after experiencing our service,

"Search Find Invest secured a fantastic home for me. Their expert research and honest advice was invaluable. Frank negotiated a saving of $60k on what we researched it was worth, and what I was prepared to pay! Everything was handled smoothly and professionally. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to buy a home. It was a wonderful experience working with Frank, he is very honest and gives sound advice when asked, very professional in a very well rounded approach and really takes the stress out of buying a home, particularly in the current strong market conditions. Thank you "Search Find Invest" for making me a happy home buyer"

-Emma Fraser – Darlinghurst


“We were sceptical about appointing a Buyer's Agent to help us secure our family home, it seemed like a lot of money to spend. The scepticism was misplaced and the investment in fees was more than covered by savings on the purchase price and our time. Frank showed us many properties that were off market and when we finally found the one we loved, he secured it for us very quickly, without it going to auction and significantly cheaper than what we would have paid without him handling the negotiation.”

- Dr. Anna Freney and George Freney – Clovelly

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If this sounds good so far, the next step is to contact us, either online, or on 1300 132 970 to let us know about your;

  • Property requirements
  • Proposed Budget
  • Time frames
  • Expectations

We can then find out what level of service you require and explain our fees to you.

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