Property Type: 3 Bedroom courtyard Apartment

Reason for Purchase: Home to live in

Property Location: Cammeray Road, Cammeray, Lower North Shore, Sydney


Buyer’s Scenario

Our client had very frustratingly missed out on several properties before they finally decided to get our professional help. One property in particular that they really liked, slipped through their fingers at the last minute, and they didn’t want that to happen again.


Buyers Agent’s Solution

Using the clients critieria we collates a list of properties to inspect and narrowed the search to a large boutique apartment. The property had unrealised value-adding potential to create a fully functioning room in the roof-space with sensational harbour views.

Our buying team expertly negotiated to ensure the best chance of success on auction day. The clients were very impressed with how quick and efficient the purchase process could be, right professionals assisting.


Buyer’s comments

“I recently purchased a property in Cammeray. I engaged a buyer’s agent after a few failed attempts of purchasing a property. I had spent a year driving around looking at properties that were gradually getting out of reach of my budget.

Sonia and Frank gave honest feedback on how and what I could purchase and gave me options to make this affordable. It is a sum of money but in the long run this turned out to save money. I chose the option of finding the properties and Sonia assisting in the purchase.

Sonia met us promptly on the Saturday and then drove me around for the day looking at properties. Sonia has an eye for potential! She could see how a negative could be turned into a positive.

I found a property I liked, and Sonia went about working out a strategy for how I could purchase this within my budget. There was issues with the property but Sonia turned these issues into a bargaining chip. This enable me to purchase the property within my budget.

She gave me confidence to bid (she will do it for you) for a property that in theory should have sold for more than I could afford.
I successfully purchased the property at auction!

Sonia then assisted with helping me measure up for wardrobes and the like. Suggested a handyman to assist. She liaise with the agent re accessing the property for Valuers and the like.

It is a great service. It isn’t cheap but it is worth the money. I didn’t believe I would get off the renting merry go round. I am very relieved and thankful”


Strephon Billinghurst

Home Buyer / Property Owner